fun ?


well... this lovely lady really likes her string ... it isn't often she receives a string from an event organiser ! had fun wearing it ladies ??? send us a picture !!!

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2009 memorablia arrived !


the official dashplaque ... 400 pc will be distributed, the dashplaque will be in the programme !


the official T2D cruize dashplaque ... only 100 made, they will be distributed to the cars doing the cruize from the UK !


Tshirts ... the first 100 paying participants will receive a Kieftenklok and T2D colored Tshirt !


strings ... yes, we have a litlle, a very little gift for the ladies this year ... ladies that are at least with two ladies in one car should use the word "STRING" at the entrance, they will receive this string as long as they last ...


cya on sunday, for the 2009 kieftenklok and T2D TOPLESS EDITION !!!

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a little present for the ladies ???


these ladies are on their way to the show in ninove. because they know there is a little present for more than one lady in one car !!! if you have several ladies in your car, we might have a little present for these lovely ladies (as long as stock lasts off course !) -> you will have the codeword STRING before you recieve the present at the gates from the freddyfiles !

klein cadeautje voor de dames ? indien er meerdere dames in een wagen aankomen te op de freddyfiles 2009 meeting te ninove hebben we misschien een leuk cadeautje voor deze dames !!! (tot zolang de voorraad "strekt") ... OPGELET u moet het codewoord STRING vernoemen aan de ingang !!! 

un pti cadeau pour les filles ? chaque voiture arrivant a ninove pour la meeting "freddyfiles 2009" avec plusieurs filles a bord, recevra un pti cadeau, ATTENTION -> il vous faudra mentionner le mot de code "STRING" (jusqu'au épuisement du stock)

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